Who we are
The Institute of Destination Architects and Designers (IDAD), conceptually formed in 1986, is a two-part organization, which on the one hand acts upon the charter of the executive office, advised by the Council ( IAC ). The executive office conducts numerous projects, design developments and research inquiries dealing with the development of tourism destinations (including themed, entertainment, resort and coastal architectures).

The investigative director of the executive office uses innovative techniques to propose solutions to complex problems in the discipline. This office is dedicated to new thinking, guided by the Institute's belief that unwise practices have supplanted the human condition in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry.

The expeditionary director of the executive office encourages long-term effectiveness for destination interventions, realizing the dynamic nature of environments. This office seeks enhancement of the parameters that determine desirable people-places.

These entities are joined philosophically by the second part of the Institute: the world’s leading authorities in the field. The Institute boasts a renowned membership of destination design, planning and management professionals, participants, sponsors and subscribers.

The Institute encourages active participation from all parties. These include Landscape Architects; Resort Architects and Designers; Fine Artists; Theatre Architects; Show Designers; Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Managers; Scientists and Researchers; as well as government officers, kindred professional associations and members of educational institutions.

It is expected that IDAD members will hold professional memberships in their field's designated societies in support of their profession. IDAD exists as an umbrella organization, supporting the practices of numerous professions in the destination design and vacation landscape. Membership with the Institute encourages and promotes the practice area of the professional, regardless of disciplinary background.

As a social entrepreneurial organization, IDAD encourages the sound development of the world's finite resources, while sustaining the character and viability of natural ecosystems. This exchange between human communities and their environment must be protected and sustained.

You are invited to increase your professional qualification and commitment by becoming an active member of the Institute.