Resort destinations and waterscapes tourism in general represent the largest industries in the world. These predominately waterfront communities are also critical to world environmental welfare. However, a great percentage are deteriorating natural resources: due to a combination of poor design and the inappropriate placement of
human constructs, each of which interferes with the natural re- establishment of hydroscapes.

In addition, resorts, recreation and travel are forecast to expand more than other services, therefore stewardship in designing around failed practices calls for architectural prowess. Sensitive inland, landfall, nearshore and offshore projects are positioned to become examples which will move to the forefront of environmental design and planning. Hence, landscape and building architecture are poised to recome the professions of necessity. Professionals in recreation/tourism, coastal, resort and waterfront disciplines will need collaborative efforts to be successful.

Many other industries are adversely affected by the decline in the natural systems of waterscapes and the resorts which showcase them. For these reasons the Institute of Destination Architects and Designers (IDAD), through studio methods, proposes to fuse with geologists and biologists, as well as travel and tourism professionals, to promote better solutions through greater emphasis on the architectural context of hydroscapes for the benefit of the environment and the promotion of economies.



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