Would you like to start an IDAD Student Chapter?
Interested Land/ Building/Interior Architecture and Design students or Coastal Science/ Travel/Destination Management students can form an IDAD academic chapter focused on community/campus involvement. Student members receive special benefits from IDAD, so start an IDAD Student Chapter at your university or college. Student Chapters provide opportunities to network with other members, which could be professionally rewarding.

IDAD is working to have active student members, and we recognize such institute educational opportunities will help our student members succeed in the profession. The potential for our student members to grow their design talent can be enhanced through chapter membership.

An IDAD Student Chapter has no start up fee, and can be formed with only 10 student members. Student members must be enrolled in a post-secondary (college or university) professional Design or Management program for at least six quarter or semester hours. Student members must select a faculty advisor; the next step is to develop your chapter bylaws and required chapter Website, showing chapter information, membership directory, and calendar of upcoming events.

Your chapter must charge members a fee to join; this fee will budget and fund projects, programs, or any other activities throughout the year. IDAD requires that all Student Chapter Members are also members of IDAD.
Student Chapters may add a nominal fee, collected separately, to support chapter activities. Students enrolled in a post secondary professional program directly related to Destination Design, Research, Development
and Management for at least six quarter or semester hours can fill out a student application; payment must be included.

Some IDAD Student Chapters charge $10 to $20 for Chapter Membership, with $35 being sent to the Institute. All Student Chapter members must join IDAD, and Student membership dues ($35 annually in U.S. funds) must be sent with completed applications. A total of $45 in annual student membership fees might be collected, for instance; the Student Chapter would retain $10 and send the $35 annual fee to IDAD, along with student applications.

The Institute requires all chapter members to fill out an IDAD Student Application. When each Student Chapter collects dues for the local chapter, the students must fill out two separate payment writs: one to the Student Chapter and one to IDAD.

A faculty advisor must be appointed as the contact person for the chapter who will work to ensure the chapter's continuity from year to year. Faculty Advisors’ Responsibilities include attending as many chapter meetings as possible, signing all eligible student applications, assisting the chapter with guiding the bylaws process, and assisting the chapter in developing professional procedures and content. He or She should provide a central file for official materials, and provide a location for chapter members to receive mail and information from IDAD.

The minimum number of students must meet each year in order to be considered an active chapter. Student Chapter members should elect a representative to serve as the liaison between the Student Chapter and the local or International Body. Student Chapter members must hold elections to decide on various officers, including president, vice president and treasurer.

To formally apply for your Student Chapter, you must send the following items to IDAD: (written documents) The completed Bylaws, University catalog, Campus approval, written notification of officers and completed membership forms. Once all forms have been received and processed, student members will then receive a charter and full recognition as an official Student Chapter of IDAD.