Randomly Selected Resumes
The following examples from our resume submission list are provided below:

Submitted: Apr 14 2004
Name: Serdar, Anlagan
Title: Interior Architect
Degrees: Graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Architecture, Graduate in 1991. Member I.D. of the Interior Architect's Chamber of Turkey.
Practice Classification: Private/ Commercial
Practice Area: Experience Design
Country: Turkey
Web Address:

Practice Areas: Resort/ Hospitality, Tourism/ Research, Exhibit/ Product,
Construction/ Management

Specific Practice Areas: Museum Design and Applications, Renovation and Restoration of Historic Buildings, Restaurant Design and Applications

Specific Practice Geography: All Areas in Turkey, Especially Istanbul, Bosphorous and Southwest Coast ( Bodrum-Halicarnassos )

Professional Practice Activities: Turkish National Olympic Committee ( House Entrance and Torch Design ). Celal Oruc Residence Interior Design Project. Vehbi Koc Foundation Sadberk Hanim Museum, Tokyo Exhibition. Historical Haci Abdullah Restaurant. Polat Renaissance Hotel, Steel Construction Design. Air France Instanbul Agency. Darussafaka Foundation, Yusuf Ziya Pasha Museum. Pendik Municipality, City Illumination Design. Delta Co. Trade Fair Display Design. Jennbaher Co. Trade Fair Design. Ahmet Ergun Office Flat Design. Vakko Fashion Brand, Showcases Design. Ministry of Culture, Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum.

Submitted: Jan 06 2004
Name: Vani, Bahl
Title: Architect
Degrees: M.Arch, University of Colorado at Denver, USA
B.Arch, Chandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh, India
Country: United States
Web Address:

Practice Areas:
Resort/ Hospitality, Tourism/ Research, Construction/ Management, Engineering/ Operations, Resort/ Thematic, Architecture, Hotel/Restaurant

Specific Practice Areas:
Architect, Conservation, GIS, Digital Design

Professional Practice Activities:
Has worked over 25 significant projects and have five years extensive hands-on experience in the field of hotel design and planning, campus planning, housing projects, vernacular architecture and historical preservation. Has contributed to two books. Published four journal articles. Presented numerous research presentations.

Submitted: Dec 16 2003
Name: Giovanna, Barbaro
Title: Architect
Degrees: Dr. in Architecture, University of Venice, B.Arts Istituto Delle Belle Arti, Venice -Italy
Practice Classification: Private/ Commercial
Practice Area: Design Technologies
Country: Spain

Practice Areas: Resort/ Hospitality, Exhibit/ Product, Engineering/ Planning, Architecture, Design, Measurement

Specific Practice Areas: Design of Hospitals and Residences for Elderly People, General Interior Design. Personal Care Design, Thermal Baths, Sanitary Building and Furniture.

Professional Practice Activities:
10 Year experience in interior Design. 3 years experience in design of residences for elderly people. General experience in furniture design. Some experience in exhibition design.

Submitted: Feb 11 2003
Michael, Bennett, McWhirter
Title: Architect/ Designer
Degrees: International
Practice Classification: Private/ Commercial
Practice Area: Destination Design
Country: USA

Practice Areas: Resort/Hospitality, Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Management, Design, Research, Construction, Measurement

Specific Practice Areas: Architectural Designs from Concept to Final Product from Hotel to Resort Clients.

Professional Practice Activities: Submittal of the Concept or Theme for A Project, {Hotel, and/or Resort Property} right-thru to the construction and setup operation of the project. This includes them designs, working designs and drawings to final construction and acceptance to the opening of the project.

Submitted: Dec 01 2003
Name: Brandon, Lee
Title: Interior Designer
Degrees: Diploma in Interior Design
Practice Area: Experience Design
Country: Romania
Practice Areas: Design/ Project