IDAD is a design association seeking non-profit status, composed
of architects from various disciplines, designers in numerous specialties,
managers, scientists and executives. The Institute exists to facilitate growth
and knowledge in the field of destinations design and coastal/hydroscape
architecture through internal projects and external participant programs. The
greater IDAD agenda encourages dialog amoung all like-minded professionals in fields which fall under the jurisdiction of the Institute concerning numerous focus areas and committee topics.

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IDAD Member Directory (Members Only) By name, firm/agency/institution, or country to locate individual members and corporate members. ( Feature Not Available )
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By firm name, metropolitan area, state, or country to locate a member firm.

IDAD DIRECTORY OF MEMBERS -- IDAD has interest in encouraging various
classes of involvement.
Full Official Membership
- all benefits, including Professional Member's section
access on web.
Official Membership
- magazine & newsletter subscription, submission privilege
to journal, serve on committees.
Unofficial Membership - recognized by Institute, may subscribe to newsletter &
Active - all Full Official, Official & Unofficial Members are considered
- honorable Fraternity - membership other than professional
Professional - membership in categories: Practicing, Fellow, Associate, Affiliate
and Academic.

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UNOFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP Unofficial Participant Membership is provided to
all upon request, with minimum requirements and verification of qualification.
Such members share a philosophical connection with the Institute's goals and
objectives, are recognized by the Institute, but are not given Full Official Member
benefits, and no fees are assessed. An online form is provided for this level of
involvement: FORM. For a limited time, the designation of Charter Member
will apply to new participants. There are two categories of Unofficial Members:
Participant Membership is given automatically after completing the online
application; Diplomat Membership is awarded to a Participant Member after he/
she has nominated an applicant who successfully meets all the membership
requirements for a Full Official Membership category. Any member who can
nominate twenty-five (25) successful applicants for Full Official Membership will
fulfill the requirements for Founders Grant Membership.

OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP Official members must make formal application,
provide all documentation and verification required, meet all stipulations
of the founders and those provided in the by-laws, and submit all fees
required for their membership status. Downloadable/printable application
is provided:APPLICATION.

Membership benefits are awarded in these categories: Founders Grant,
Fellow, Gold Medal Award, Practicing Member, Associate Member,
Affiliate Member and Academic Member. For a limited time, the following
designation will apply to all membership categories: Charter Member.
Corporate Membership will receive Official Membership status, newsletter,
journal submission privileges and subscription to Destination Architect, but
will not be awarded Full Membership. Founders Grant Membership - A
fraternity membership awarded to persons or organizations who have
contributed to the Institute through excellence in service and funding.
The grant waives all application and annual membership fees for a period of
five years, at which time the recipient may qualify for other membership

Fellow Membership & Honorable Fellow - A professional membership to individuals who have contributed to the profession of destination design and/or coastal/hydroscape architecture through excellence in service. This group constitutes the IDAD College of Fellows. Fellow is an active membership and stipulates assuming responsibilities within the Institute as prescribed at the time the award is made and is a promotion from the categories of Practicing Member, Associate Member, or Affiliate Member with fee reduced to $50/yr. Honorable Fellow is an inactive membership and is awarded in recognition of deeds in support of the profession (no fee). Honorable Fellows may opt to pay subscription fees and receive the Institute newsletter and magazine.
Gold Medal Award & Membership - The highest award given at the discretion of the Institute to outstanding practitioners in fields of design and architecture or other related disciplines in the jurisdiction of the Institute ($50/yr required to maintain active membership; no fee for inactive member status).
Practicing Member Registration & Membership - A registry of member practitioners who have met certification or qualification requirements prescribed by the Institute (subject to prevailing laws) to practice in the fields of destinations architecture and design or coastal/hydroscape architecture ($225/yr).| REGULATIONS |
Associate Member - A professional membership for those with degrees in land, building, interior or naval architecture, industrial design or planning who do not meet all the requirements of Practicing Members, but who have specialized in IDAD areas, with acceptable experience or theatrical arts/art degrees, graduate courses pertinent to coastal science/engineering ecology, travel, recreation and tourism or theme park design ($150/yr).
Affiliate Member - A professional membership for those with degrees in coastal/marine science, recreation, hospitality, travel and tourism management who do not meet all the requirements of practicing members ($90/yr).
Academic and Student Member - A professional membership for those with degrees in any of the above professions who are researchers or faculty ($90/yr), students or recent graduates ($35/yr).
Public Membership - A fraternity membership for those outside the IDAD disciplines mentioned in the preceeding categories who have expressed an interest in the goals and objectives of IDAD ($55/yr).
Corporate Membership - A fraternity membership for executives in private industry or government institutions whose work is related to destinations design, coastal/hydroscape architecture, hospitality, travel, tourism, recreation, or themed entertainment industries who are interested in the goals and objectives of IDAD (individual - $90/yr; commercial - $1,000/yr).

Discussion Groups - IDAD is interested in participant forums where independent
but like-minded professionals, academians and managers participate in dialog. These discussions are encouraged by IDAD as an outreach of established project priorities.
Such discussion groups could focus on client needs, education of LAs, the role of
resort and hydroscape architects, the character of the polyspecialty, architect-to-scientist or manager dialog, etc. Please contact IDAD to form or participate in such discussions.

Contact Phone: 434 334 1909
Mail Forwarding:
PMB F273796; 3590 Round Bottom Road
Cincinnati, OH 45244-3026

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