IDAD Advances Your Profession And Qualifications
Your colleagues have registered with the Institute, advancing their value, resources and skills as Destination Designers and Coastal Architects, Managers and Researchers. The destination professions, through a collective Design, Research and Development Body, can meet the challenges of the competitive marketplace and complex environmental, social, managerial, and architectural issues as they arise in the hospitality, resort, theme, travel and tourism industry.

When you join the Institute, you are committing yourself to a high standard of professional ethics, and advancing the value of the Institute. Join today whether you are an Architect, Designer, Management professional or corporate Officer; the IDAD body provides you with the platform you need to make and set your professional agenda. Here is a primer of specific practice-enhancing benefits that can further the professional position of IDAD members.

Benefits of IDAD Membership
Recognition of your professional standing from your use of the IDAD designation after your name; member insignia, membership certificate, Registration, lapel pin, website services and opportunities for awards and Institute Chapter leadership or Institute service.

International educational programs and the IDDP program, and IDAD Registration and professional qualification programs.

State-of-the-art Website and member's portal. As a member of IDAD, you will have exclusive access to information you want and need about the Institute and the architectural/ management/research resources enabling members to place all the Internet links that you need for quick access.

Online directory of Destination and Coastal firms, experts and members, enabling clients and colleagues to contact you, providing you with an Internet referral or vita/employment resource; and online international job postings and resume listings are available at IDAD's website.

E-Newsletters and publications, compiled by IDAD professionals in general and select interest areas and destinations news briefs and insights.

JDDHA - a practice and research refereed journal which provides you with access to in-depth knowledge, members gain access to e-publication of their work, if such meets the requirements of the journal to enhanced knowledge and provide cutting-edge information which enhances members' practice.

Members receive discounts on IDAD documents and products, publications and resources, including future publication of the Destination Architect.

Access the IDAD Library & Archives; and if members have an IDAD Chapter at their location, Local networking activities are possible.

IDAD International Affairs activities provide a voice for the professional that reaches your industry, government, and registration council which works to improve the Destination Design and Coastal Architecture profession by fostering greater awareness and public recognition of the practice.