Global Village Project

Application of methods to facilitate more authentic relationships
between individuals from different continents by the use of design
to overcome prejudices and foster a real force for world peace.

Freedom to Travel Project

Destination design has great significance for people of the modern
world who can act as ambassadors of design under leadership of
IDAD, becoming instruments of peaceful influence in the promotion
of travel for the interchange of ecologically-friendly visits among
peoples of the world.

Coastal Engineering Project

Develop criteria for technical standards on coastlines involving
architectural constructs and human/marine interface issues for the
design and planning of all complexes, insuring that coastal technology
principles are properly applied to architectural projects

Entertainment Design Project

Land planning and envronmental design issues facing themed
entertainment projects include multifaceted design and technical
issues ranging from location selection to creative services in order
to promote economic benefits for the host communities and preserve
regional character while limiting exploitation of social and environmental

Code of Ethics Project

Promoting guidelines that would highlight characteristics which
engender sociocultural responsibility and encourage carefully planned,
well-designed tourist destinations which can benefit the host community
and all participants by exposing them to a variety of ideas, cultures and traits.

Harmonious Development Project

Insuring the protection, improvement and enhancement of man's
environment, while master-planning for rational tourism management
that produces economic benefits, improved quality of life, awareness
of the diversity of nature and preservation of cultural heritage.

Health, Security & Safety Project

Hygienic and sanitation standards to combat sickness, crime and
accidents need to be formulated and acted upon, ranging from design
issues, which can reduce threats, to environmental issues of polluted
hydroscapes, infectious insects and tainted food and water supplies.

Land-Based Activities Project

Initiatives related to the source and severity of in-land activities' impacts
on hydroscapes, affecting the quality and potential uses of marine, coastal
and associated freshwater courses and basins by inhabitants and resort
communities whose economy is dependent on the environmental resource.

Education and Training Project

Key to creating truly responsible, sustainable tourism destinations is
education of the participants in development of these ventures, from local
citizens, to politicians, to realtors and contractors. Design professionals
carry the primary role in this initiative.

Activity-Based Design Project

Events or conditions which are the primary attractants for travel and
tourism, rather than the location, such as hydroscape sports, subsurface
sports and off-shore yachting produce their own particular set of design
issues to be resolved. All are dependent on water conditions preservation.

Tourism-Infused Design Project

Designers may need more formal avenues for the integration of tourism
-specific principles in their design training. Encourage inclusion of guidelines
adopted by the World Travel and Tourism Council and other similar
executives involved in resort and hydroscape development.

Videography Project

Environmental interpretation and design documentation of the world's great
resorts and hydroscape destinations. Futurists' commentary and educational
documentary on IDAD multipurpose activities.

Vulnerable Zones Project

The narrow coastlines of the world's oceans are the basis for most of our
fisheries. Island ecosystems, salt marshes, mangroves, estuaries, coral reefs
and shallow waters provide stability to world ecosystem health, though
vulnerable; therefore, designers must influence these knowlegeably.

International Policy Project

IDAD will work with decision-makers to foster universal and transgenerational
design to recognize the importance of mutual cooperation in order to increase
two-way tourism. IDAD will promote the sharing of information and statistics
to encourage investments in third world and deprived region tourism to enhance
mutual understanding and good will.

Conservation-Oriented Design Project

Leadership role of IDAD in raising the issues of receding glaciers, warming
waters and climate changes, addressing the ramifications on travel and tourism
design and the ecology of natural resources, erosion and sediment control, and
wetland and water quality issues.

Exploration Project

The grants sourcing and funding of polydisciplinary world travel
in support of IDAD goals and objectives concerning specific projects
or in the direction and choreography of cinematography.