The role of the advisor on the Institute Council is to promote and encourage the Institute. The purpose of the Council is to assist in grantsmanship efforts for the Institute and aid in interpreting the Institute’s professional and societal role in hospitality and tourism, the arts, planning, civic leadership and relevance to design and architecture. The Institute Advisory Council (IAC) is a seventy-seven member resource group for the Institute of Destination Architects and Designers. Some members of the Council provide advice on pedagogical and educational issues, others assist in the Institute’s execution of effective dissemination of information to the public and professions at large. Some members work to strengthen dialog within their professional areas, reflecting on the design, research, development and administration of destinations.

The Advisory Council serves to recommend strategies that will facilitate the Institute’s product cluster in remaining understandable, useable, accessible, reliable and accountable. It is also incumbent that advisors appreciate the scope and holistic focus of the Institute to meet the creative, cultural, economic and ecological needs of people in the destination landscape. The following IDAD/IAC interest groups exist:

Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management
Arts Administration
Small Town Design and Art Promotion
Theatre Architecture and Scenography
Performance and Environmental Art
Land and Building Architecture
Theme and Amusement Design
Sporting and Event Planning
Exhibit and Interior Design
Hotel and Facilities Design
Marine and Coastal Space Planning
International Law and Policy


Dr. Muzaffer Uysal, IDAD Councilman

IDAD/Councilman-Chair Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management

Dr. Uysal received his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, and an MBA from the University of New Haven and a BS from Ankara Academy of Economics & Commercial Sciences. Dr. Uysal has extensive experience in the travel and tourism field, authoring or co-authoring a significant number of articles in tourism journals, proceedings, book chapters, and three monographs relating to different aspects of tourism marketing, demand/supply interaction and international tourism. He also has conducted workshops and seminars on similar topics and field research in several countries. Dr. Uysal serves as co-editor of Tourism Analysis: An Interdisciplinary journal and Advances in Tourism Application Series. In addition, he sits on the editorial boards of six journals, including Journal of Travel Research, and Annals of Tourism Research as resource editor.


Steve Bickley, IDAD Councilman

IDAD/Councilman-Chair Performance and Environmental Art
Designer Steve Bickley received his Art and Design, BFA East Carolina University, MFA University of Georgia. Professional activities in academic Architecture and Urban Studies, practicing designer, sculpture, environmental art, performance art. Recipient/ Winner of National Endowment for the Arts Sponsored Competitions.

Anna MacBean , IDAD Councilman/ Director


With a background that includes natural resources, recreation, landscape architecture and education, Anna MacBean keenly recognizes the limited supply of desirable leisure destinations. As expeditionary director, she strives to reconcile the competing entities in these special places. Her vision for design of destinations includes long-term effectiveness of all human constructs, while accepting the dynamic nature of environments, both developed and pristine. The ultimate goal of her efforts is to understand the parameters that determine desirable people-places and apply that knowledge to maximize the value of destination design.

Ken Mark MacBean , IDAD Councilman/ Director


Ken Mark MacBean is an architect, designer, and scientist by training. An innovative social entrepreneur, he founded the Institute of Destination Architects and Designers. He is the principal of MacBean Design East, a design consultancy. He is considered by many authorities to have a unique design philosophy; his discourse on which has been heralded as "enlightening and wonderful" by such authors as Time-Warner. He receives invitations to many design venues internationally, including design summit developers, some of which have placed his name on the international roster of top architects and planners.